Paul and Julie Wennberg

What to do? What to do? The Wennbergs had a wonderful problem. They had a large beautiful home in a nice neighborhood with a gorgeous view of Rochester. The problem was that the current layout and functionality of the home did not fit with the needs of the Wennberg's growing and active family.

So the Wennbergs and Master Builders embarked together on a year long process of design, bidding and thoroughly planning things out. At first the scope of the project included adding a substantial amount of square footage to the home. However as the Wennbergs carefully examined their home they came to the conclusion that more square footage wasn't what was needed as much as improving the use of the square footage that they already had. So the scope of the project was finalized as:

  • Adding smaller additions to the front Mudroom and back Sunroom including a new deck.
  • Converting an existing Living Room into a multi-purpose room that could be used for a Guest Bedroom, Piano Room or Living Room.
  • Remodeling many areas of the existing house including Kitchen, Mudroom, Sunroom and Front Entry.

The finished details include: Cubby Cabinets in the enlarged Mudroom, custom Kitchen and Sunroom cabinetry combining the elegance of painted white cabinetry and the beauty of Walnut, granite countertops, larger Sunroom windows to better enjoy their view while being warmed by their corner gas fireplace. The Wennberg's had some great things to say about their experience with Master Builders…

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Dear Tom,

We have had the opportunity to get to know a fine business and its employees this year. With an extensive remodel to the heart of the house, including the kitchen, both entries and the exterior, we had high expectations and many concerns. You at Master Builders exceeded our expectations and accepted all concerns as your own.

Your crew is outstanding in their work ethic, skill, character and quality of product.

Three examples stand out among many. The night of a weekend thunderstorm resulted in roof tarps blowing out of place. Nate not only checked messages that night, but came over and in the rain and dark went on the roof to reposition the tarps. We thought he was nuts, but we were impressed none the less.

The second is a challenge accepted by Doug to build a “pocket gate.” This time you thought we were nuts, and rightly so. Doug came up with a gate that not only worked, but fit in perfectly with the deck plan and rail design.

The final example was provided by you. We were, and still are, impressed by your insistence that a section of concrete be replaced since it set up poorly. We and our friends all considered it “good enough.” You did not.

We have and will continue to recommend Master Builders to our friends. We look forward to future collaborations, not just as our contractor but as friends.

Paul and Julie Wennberg


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