Glen and Sharon Moreland

When the Morelands contacted Master Builders about adding on to the front of their home they weren't sure what design would look the best. Master Builders worked with the Morelands to come up with a design that added to the curb appeal of the home and was functional for the needs that the Morelands had.

(click images to enlarge)"I love my room!!" I can't count the number of times I have said those words We. have lived in our home for almost 34 years. We have made a couple of changes over the years to enhance the roominess of the house. But, just about a year ago, we made a change that made the difference in not only the appearance and roominess, but updated a house of the 60's to the 90's.

Having known Tom Gommels, the owner of Master Builders, since he was very young I felt very comfortable asking his opinion of the design of the room. Tom is very creative and shared ideas he had seen work on other remodeling projects. The end result was just what we wanted. Lots of windows and angled walls have added a lot of character to the house. The addition's floor plan complements the structure of the existing house so well that it hardly looks likes an addition.

Tom has surrounded himself with good people. His contractors are skilled but even more, they are kind and courteous. I enjoyed getting to know them.
Thanks to Tom and his business associates. We couldn't be more comfortable and pleased as we sit in our "room" and have coffee and good conversation. To quote most people who have enjoyed a visit in the "room", "I can hardly make myself get up and leave. This room is so relaxing." More often than not, conversations have extended an extra half hour just because someone couldn't leave the "room."

Enjoying our Refuge, the Room,
Glen and Sharon Moreland

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