Andre and Alice Kub

When Alice and Andre Kub wanted to remodel their kitchen after living there for 15 years they knew it would take a company that was highly skilled in remodeling. The home had some problems that were created by previous do-it-yourself owners. The Kubs discovered that while trying to tackle some smaller projects themselves. After hiring the professionals at Master Builders to handle this complicated remodel, the Kubs had this to say...

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Master Builders did a terrific job on our kitchen. From the initial design phase to the final finishing details, their professionalism showed through. Their expertise at keeping to the initial schedule with minimum downtime made the process of remodeling the kitchen enjoyable-or as enjoyable as any remodeling project can be. Having people who took so much pride in their work, and truly cared about how the finished kitchen would look, allowed us to spend more time on the minor details like cupboard handles and wallpaper colors. Our newly remodeled kitchen imitates the style of the rest of the house so well that people can’t believe that we just put it in, some of which is thanks to the professional advice they gave us then we weren’t sure of exactly what we wanted.

Andrea and Alice Kub

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