Kathy and Larry Johnson

2-story addition, a sunny new living room upstairs and a new bedroom and storage area downstairs.

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Hello,Last year we used master Builders to add a 2-story addition to our home-a sunny new living room upstairs and a new bedroom and storage area downstairs. In addition, we sided, re-roofed, replaced windows, added a ramp, and upgraded the kitchen and second bathroom.

I want to thank Master Builders for making the remodeling process as painless as such an extensive disruption could have been. Coordination and good communication was the key to a smooth process. Crews almost always came when I was told they would. Delays were short and I was informed every step along the way. The best example I have is the kitchen.

On Monday it was gutted to make way for a new floor and cabinets. That Thursday night I was cooking in a newly remodeled kitchen!Questions and problems were dealt with along the way. We made additions to the original remodeling proposal several times. When we did I very much appreciated the changed orders that Master Builders provided that detailed not only what would be done but cost changes involved. Nathan was very organized! And accessible! It was wonderful to be able to call if there was a problem and either speak immediately or get a quick reply.

I always felt that Master Builders wanted to be proud of their work at the end of the job, and wanted us to be happy as well. And we are-we love our "new" home. We would be happy to work with them again. Thank you, Master Builders!

Kathy and Larry Johnson

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